August 12, 2010

FCO Training Will Feature a Wide Range of Ombuds Practices

The Forum of Canadian Ombudsman has published the agenda for its first course on Ombuds fundamentals September 20 and 21, 2010. The two-day program for new and intermediate-level Classical Ombuds staff and complaint-handlers will feature nearly two dozen Canadian Ombuds. Many topics will be relevant to the practice of Ombuds in other fields.
Day One
  • Welcome - Ian Darling, FCO President
  • Introduction to Ombuds Theory and Practice - Suzanne Belson, DND/CF; Nora Farrell, Ryerson University
  • Intake: Common Practices and Challenges - Fiona Crean, City of Toronto
  • Effective Intake Practices - Anna Martins, Fair Practices Commission of the WSIB; Shelley Lancaster, McMaster University; Marlene Chumak, Scotia Bank; Laura Bradbury, Fair Practices Commission of the WSIB
  • Informal Resolution Techniques - Rosie Dear, Ombudsman Ontario; Garvin De Four, University of Toronto; Ian Darling, Tarion Warranty Corp.; Mary Ward, Baycrest
  • Report on Effectiveness of Various Approaches - Bradley Moss, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Introduction to Investigative Approaches - Kwame Addo, City of Toronto; Tom Irvine, Fair Practices Commission of the WSIB
Day Two
  • Investigative Approaches and Techniques - Suzanne Belson, DND/CF
  • Getting Started - Howard Sapers, Correctional Investigator
  • Evidence Gathering - Elizabeth Weston, Ombudsman Ontario; Hervé Depow, Algonquin College; Nora Farrell, Ryerson University
  • Small Group Work - Rose Stanton, BC Ombudsperson Office
  • Making Recommendations and Follow-up - Kevin Fenwick, Saskatchewan Ombudsman; Bradley Moss, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Reporting Back to the Complainant and Organization - Linda Carlson, BC Ombudsperson Office; Tom Goodbody, Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments; Kevin Fenwick, Saskatchewan Ombudsman
  • Challenges and Issues - Suzanne Belson, DND/CF Ombudsman Office; Laura Bradbury, Fair Practices Commission of the WSIB; Nora Farrell, Ryerson University
The deadline to reserve a hotel room is August 19. (FCO Ombuds Fundamentals Registration and Agenda.)

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