August 13, 2010

DARPA to Create Ombuds for Privacy Issues

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is implementing a new set of privacy protocols that include the creation of a new Ombuds program. DARPA, the agency that researches and develops new military technology, is seeking to counter concerns about recent projects that mine and analyze public data in search of terrorist activities.
In implementing its new Privacy Principles, DARPA says that it has:
Assigned an internal privacy ombudsman to work closely with the DoD Privacy Office, and created an independent Privacy Review Panel that will assess existing and emerging privacy laws, regulations, technologies and norms and analyze their potential. The panel will consist of leading scholars and policy and technology experts in the privacy field. These experts will assist DARPA in meeting its responsibilities to research and develop novel technologies while also addressing privacy issues and concerns in the context of the ethical, legal and societal framework of the nation.
The agency said that its new privacy guidelines are consistent with President Obama’s May 2010 National Security Strategy addressing privacy-related issues. No other details about the DARPA Ombuds have been released. (Federal Computer Week; DARPA S&T Privacy Principles.)

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