November 10, 2011

Northern Arizona University Ombuds Reports a Three-Year Uptick in Cases

Phoebe Morgan, program coordinator for Northern Arizona University’s Faculty Ombuds Program reports that requests for direct assistance increased for the third consecutive year. The number for the 2010-11 academic year was 162% higher than reported in the Program’s first year, 2007-08. Interpersonal disputes with students, staff and administrators continued to be the primary reason why faculty members contacted the Faculty Ombuds Office. 

Morgan recommended extending the Faculty Ombuds Program’s operations from nine to twelve months to address the conflict management needs of those who conduct university business during the intersessions, and enhancement of the dispute intervention skills of faculty with administrative duties by increasing their opportunities for relevant training. For a PDF of the report, contact Phoebe . Morgan @ nau . edu or the NAU Faculty Ombuds Office at ombuds . office @ nau . edu.

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