November 30, 2011

Relocation of Ombuds at University of Western Ontario Raises Concerns

Administrators at UWO are displacing the Office of the Ombudsperson to make room for another program and moving the office to another, smaller space nearby. Jennifer Meister, the Ombudsperson, told the OWO Gazette that the move could compromise her ability to accommodate visitors. “The [new] offices end up being nine feet by nine feet. Once you get furniture in there, it’s difficult to meet with a group of students, or with a student and a parent or with anyone in a wheelchair in that small a space,” Meister explained.

A student leader, Marissa Joffre, also observed that the new location does not include a dedicated waiting area, which will compromise visitor confidentiality. “Waiting outside in the hall it would be pretty clear that you are going to the ombudsperson,” said Joffre. Despite these issues, the campus is going ahead with its plans. (UWO Gazette.)

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  1. Agreed. Just paced mine out..9 feet X 8 the words of Monty Python, "luxury".