November 29, 2011

Iowa State University Ombuds Posts Report for 2011

Elaine Newell, Ombuds Officer for ISU, says that the caseload for her office declined slightly one year after the campus struggled with layoffs and reorganizations. The total number of cases in the 2011 fiscal year declined 23% to 79. Professional and Scientific employees again were the most frequent visitors to the Ombuds Office this year, but also there was an increase in the number of faculty visitors.

Newell reports that visits by Graduate and Professional students continued to decline. And for the third year in a row, interpersonal conflict was the most common issue that visitors presented during office visits. Newell opened the office in the fall of 2008 and has a 60% appointment as the Ombuds. (ISU Ombuds 2011 Report.)

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