November 02, 2011

University of Colorado Denver Ombuds Sees 45% Jump in Cases

In its eleventh annual report, the CU Denver Ombuds Office said it saw 525 people in the year ended June 2011, a significant increase from about 362 in the prior year. Moreover, an increase in the number of systemic issues brought to the office meant that visitors required more than the typical one to three visits.

The report makes several recommendations including management training, development of a university-wide civility code, and adoption of a faculty professionalism code. In addition, the report says that two faculty Ombuds will be hired on a part-time basis next year. The members of the office are Melissa Connell, Director; Mary Chavez Rudolph, Associate Director; and Lisa Neale, Ombuds. (UC Denver Ombuds Office 2011 Annual Report.)

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