May 21, 2012

Cal State San Marcos Publishes Ombuds Office Charter

Last month, the California State University campus north of San Diego finalized a Charter for the Office of the University Ombuds. The document, which was executed by CSUSM President Karen S. Haynes on April 12, 2012, states that the office will generally follow IOA standards of practice. There are some significant exceptions, however.

The CSUSM Ombuds Office may not be able to maintain the confidentiality of "disclosures regarding public safety, harm to self or others, violations of law, discrimination, or sexual harassment." It also states that, "If a formal process is already in progress, the services of the Office of the University Ombuds are not available." In most other respects, the document is consistent with charters created for other universities. (CSUSM Ombuds Charter.)

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