May 01, 2012

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Ombuds Offers Confidentiality for Sexual Assault Victims

In response to recent sexual assaults on campus, California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo formed a task force that has released its first report. At the same time, Cal Poly administrators reaffirmed the traditional role of the Ombuds Office as one of the few confidential resources for students.

Cal Poly Student Affairs Interim President Preston Allen, who is trained in support and referral for sexual assault, has all the information on who people should talk to about sexual assaults. “If people want to talk about sexual assault incidents, there are various resources that can be used, and the majority of them can’t keep information confidential,” Allen said. Cal Poly community members can talk to any counselor on campus or University Ombuds’ Patricia Ponce for confidential reporting about sexual assault, Allen said. All other staff are held accountable to share information if they find out someone is sexually assaulted. (Mustang Daily.)

The Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Ombuds Office was reestablished two years ago with the appointment of Patricia Ponce.  

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