May 03, 2012

University of Alicante 'Defensor' Serves as Organizational Ombuds

The university in southwest Spain has updated the website for its 'Defensor Universitario.' The office, which has been in existence since the 1990's, is now described as an 'Ombudsman' with decidedly Organizational Ombuds characteristics. According to the new website:

The University Ombudsman Office is open to all University of Alicante, staff and students. The Office is an independent resource for problem resolution and works to ensure that all members of the University community are treated equitably and fairly. The ombudsman can provide confidential and informal assistance to help resolve issues related to workplace and academic environments. A visitor can discuss issues and concerns with the ombudsman without committing to further disclosure or any formal resolution. A visitor may choose to remain anonymous. Next steps are always determined by both the visitor and Ombudsman, depending on the circumstances and comfort with possible options. The University Ombudsman Office provides the senate with an annual report that summarizes the activity of the Office and may identify systemic problems. The ombudsman is confidential, independent, and neutral.

Miguel Louis Cereceda is the University of Alicante Ombudsman and was appointed the Defensor in 2006. He is also a Professor Alicante University's Department of Architectural Technology and has served in a number of administrative roles, including department director. He earned his Doctor of Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. (University of Alicante Ombudsman; Faculty Bio.)

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