May 18, 2012

Washington University in St. Louis to Open Search for First Medical School Ombuds

In March 2012, a faculty committee overwhelmingly approved a proposal to create an Ombuds program for the WUSTL School of Medicine. The new Ombuds will provide faculty with, "a mechanism for voluntary, informal, neutral, confidential, third-­party assistance in resolving work-­related issues, concerns, or conflicts." 

The plan calls for a senior faculty member to be appointed as an Ombuds on a 25% basis, with a 5% appointment for a second faculty member to handle issues arising from the Senior Ombuds' own department. Both will receive formal training for the role. According to a faculty newsletter, a search committee has been formed which will meet shortly to undertake the task of sending out a job announcement and establishing criteria other than those described above for the search process. (WUSTL AWNings.)

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  1. Most med school ombuds also serve students, residents, fellows, post-docs, and staff.