January 02, 2013

American University in Cairo Moves to Organizational Ombuds Model

When AUC appointed its first Ombuds, Hana Sabea, in January 2011, she said that she would define her role from scratch. "It is not necessarily going to be the same role as ombuds in other universities in America," she at the time said.  After an eventful year for Sabea, the AUC Ombuds website now states that it “abides by the principles of independence and autonomy, impartiality, neutrality, confidentiality, informality, accessibility, and the ability to conduct informal fact finding.” 

In addition, the website states that the Ombuds “adheres to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the International Ombuds Association [sic] and the African Ombuds Association, and University policies and procedures.” Although AUK recently opened a search for an Ombudsperson, Sabea is still listed as the Ombuds for the university. In addition, Wafaa Abdelhamid is now listed as the Director of the Office.  (AUC Ombuds.)

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