January 29, 2013

Iowa State University Ombuds Sees Record Cases

Since she became Iowa State's permanent Ombuds Officer four years ago, Elaine Newell has assisted 400 employees and students. During the 2012 fiscal year 2012, she reports a record high 104 faculty, staff and graduate and professional students sought her assistance. In about 25% of the cases, Newell facilitates direct meetings between individuals in conflict or serves as a go-between for the two parties.

Miles Lackey, associate vice president and chief of staff, says that the university is hearing positive things about the Ombuds Office.  "A lot of people are using it," he said, "and their feedback tells us that they like it.  We encourage people to use it. It’s unbiased, it’s confidential, and it can provide resources and ideas about how to handle a difficult situation.”  (IA State News.)

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