January 23, 2013

Arizona Ombuds Group Sets Winter 2013 Conference

The Arizona Winter Ombudsman Conference is slated for Thursday, January 31, 2013, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  Salt River Project (SRP) Consumer Affairs is hosting the conference, which will be held at SRP Headquarters in Tempe.  Lunch will be provided by SRP and an agenda will follow.  The featured topic is, “Tips for dealing with people in crisis who are behaving irrationally.”

Arizona Ombuds informally meet on a quarterly basis to network and share information about their respective roles, offices, and organizations as well as discuss particular topics of interest, which are pre-determined and presented on an agenda. The Ombuds voluntarily take turns hosting the meeting at their places of business.   If you are serving as an Ombuds in the State of Arizona and would like to be added to our roster, please contact Liz Hill, Ombudsman at the Apollo Group, Inc. (Elizabeth [dot] Hill [at-sign] apollogrp [dot] edu or by phone at 602-557-2727).

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