January 23, 2013

IOA to Publish Directory of Ombuds Consultants

The International Ombudsman Association has announced that it will post a list of independent contractors available to help inquirers establish or enhance their Ombuds program. The Ombuds Service Provider Directory, The OSPD will be housed on the public portion of the IOA website under “Resources” and be comprised solely of IOA members who are service providers. 

Consultants listed at the site will be charged a nominal initial fee and an annual renewal fee. The purposes of the Directory are to: 
  • Provide a listing of contract services available to IOA members and the general public to help ensure their programs are applying best practices and operating consistently to the IOA Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. 
  • Assist IOA membership to bring ombuds services to a wider audience. 
  • Connect those seeking to locate knowledgeable and skilled ombudsman consulting services in a transparent and systematic way. 
  • Increase IOA membership and participation in IOA trainings and annual conferences. 
Services that could be listed on the site include: 
  • Helping with the process to recruit and hire an ombudsman 
  • Building awareness of an ombuds office and developing communication strategies to market ombuds services 
  • Establishing a case management system
  • Developing presentations 
  • Evaluating ombudsman programs 
  • Providing legal services 
  • Consulting on difficult cases 
  • Writing annual reports 
  • Working directly with visitors (serving as a contract ombudsman) 
  • Offering products and training not offered by IOA
More details on the application process and consultant services are available from the IOA website.  (IOA Ombuds Service Provider Directory.)

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