January 31, 2013

Internship Opportunity: U.S. Olympic Committee

The USOC Athlete Ombudsman Office in Colorado Springs is seeking an intern to work on elite athlete education and the resolution of athlete disputes within the Olympic family. In addition to responding to athlete inquires and providing independent advice, the intern will also develop and assemble an athlete rights handbook.

The internship pays $9.00 per hour and is open to students in law school or a graduate program in sports administration or mediation. (USOC Careers, Tracking Code 216900-060.)


  1. Is this a very rare opportunity or the start of a regular internship at USOC? Either way, what an awesome experience.

  2. Wondering why virtually all of the internships that come available restrict their posts by requiring they be students enrolled in graduate student programs?
    I cannot imagine that prospective applicants with a great deal of experience would not be welcome, or worse, be discriminated against in applying for these positions...what's up with that?

    1. I agree that students are not necessarily the best population. Lots of workplace experience definitely improves Ombuds skills and most students don't have much real world experience. One rationale I've heard is that, in order to protect confidentiality, Ombuds Offices want some leverage over their externs. Students could face discipline if they break the terms of their externship. It's an imperfect system.