January 10, 2013

University of Texas Appoints Ombuds for Biomedical Sciences

The UT Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Houston (a joint venture of UTHealth and the MD Anderson Cancer Center) has established an Ombuds Office and appointed Dr. Henry Strobel as the first Ombudsperson. The GSBS Ombuds Office will serve faculty and staff -- a population of over 6,000. According to a website for the office:

Dr. Strobel will listen to your concerns and ask questions so he can fully understand your situation. He can provide you with information about relevant GSBS policies and procedures, and advise you on your options for how to proceed. He may provide counsel on how you, yourself, can proceed, and coach you on approaches you may take to resolve your situation. He may also act as the go-between, speaking with both you and the other person(s) to help resolve the issues. He may also act as a mediator at a face-to-face meeting between you and other involved individuals. Dr. Strobel may also advise you on other resources at UTHealth and MD Anderson Cancer Center that are available to you.

Strobel joined the GSBS faculty in 1972 and is a Professor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. His background in conflict resolution includes seminary training as an Episcopal Priest and his experience with faculty as Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs at the Medical School. (UT GSBS Ombuds.)

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