April 04, 2016

Florida Gulf Coast University Expands Scope of Ombuds Office

According to an announcement from FGCU's General Counsel, the University's Ombuds mandate is being broadened from academic matters to all conflicts regarding the campus. Helen Mamarchev has been the Ombuds for 15,000 students at the public university in Fort Myers since 2010. 

Here is the FCGU Announcement: 
Policy FGCU-PR4.004, Student Grievance, “is being amended to expand the role of the University Ombuds to address student disputes beyond those encompassing access to course and credit,” according to the general summary, and deals with the university’s mechanism for student dispute resolutions. 
The general statement was changed altogether, focusing more on the Office of the University Ombuds, a department that deals with students who have conflicts regarding the university. “Informal Resolution of Student Grievances” was changed to “Disputes.”
(FGCU Eagle News.)

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