April 18, 2016

IOA Annual Report: Association Builds on Strategic Plan in 2015

In its latest annual report, the International Ombudsman Association says that it significantly advanced its work on strategic objectives, thanks to the work of its management company, Kellen, and its many volunteers.

Executive Director Rick Koepke, said:
As a result of ... the focus on strategic plan priorities and on increasing operational efficiency[,] IOA made significant progress in 2015 on accomplishing the objectives of the IOA strategic plan as well as positioning itself to be more nimble and effective in responding to the needs of organizational ombuds throughout the world. A financial summary also showed that IOA met its budget in 2015. 
The report also highlights the work of standing committees, task forces, and the Board of Certification for Certified Organizational Ombuds Practitioners. (IOA 2015 Annual Report.) 

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