April 26, 2016

Ombuds Program Serves Fencing Referees

Since October 2014, the Fencing Officials Commission Ombudsmen have served as a resource for referees with concerns and issues about the sport.  Derek Cotton is the lead FOC Ombudsman and works with six other Ombuds--all are experienced fencers and referees.  Together, they help answer questions, promote the sharing of best practices, and shed light on the work of referees.

The FOC Ombuds practice to IOA Standards:
While the Fencing Officials Commission Ombudsman (FOCO) group is not representative of the concept of “ombudsman” in the truest sense – that is independent of the organization in which it serves and unaligned with any parties within the organization (we are members of the cadre with a vested interest in referee issues, led by a member of the Fencing Officials Commission [FOC]) — it was created to act in the that capacity for the fencing community. To that end, FOCO pledges to work, inasmuch as it can, within the standards of practice of the International Ombudsman Association:
  • We will conduct business independently of the FOC and USA Fencing.
  • We will remain neutral in all of our dealings with our constituents.
  • We will maintain confidentiality in our communications with our constituents.
  • We will serve as an informal intermediary between our constituents by: accepting and verifying complaints; gathering and distributing information of use to all parties; entertaining suggestions and developing a range of recommendations for policy changes or enhancements; and providing options and referrals to appropriate channels or processes for conflict resolution (including, but not limited to, the FOC’s Discpiline Committee if necessary).
Cotton is currently Head of Talent Acqusition at Farmers Insurance Group of Companies in Los Angeles and a coach with the USC Fencing Club. He was also the owner and head coach of the Los Angeles Fencer's Club (2002-05) and a U.S. Olympic Referee (2000-04).

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