April 13, 2016

IOA President Returns to Lead Board for Second Term

Today, the last day of the International Ombudsman Annual conference in Seattle, the Board of the Directors announced the election of its new executive council.  Notably, the President and a few other officers are returning for second terms, bringing leadership stability to a board that has struggled with turnover in the past.

The following officers begin a term of service will serve terms through the next annual conference:
  • President: Reese Ramos, Sandia National Laboratories (returning for a second term)
  • Vice PresidentIlene Butensky, Eaton Corporation (previously Secretary) 
  • Secretary: Nancy Deering, Newark Public Schools (new to an officer position)
  • TreasurerJanet Hill, KBR, Inc. (continuing for second year of a two-year term)
  • Assistant TreasurerTeresa Ralicki, American Red Cross (previously Vice President)
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