April 05, 2016

Lifestyle Magazine TV Features Ombuds

The weekly, syndicated TV series featured Tom Kosakowski as a guest this week on the topic of dispute resolution. The half-hour talk show is carried on TBN in 450 markets and is also available on the web.

Here's the description of the episode:
Conflict happens in everyone’s life. We all have disagreements from time to time with a spouse, family member, maybe even a friend. But how do you find a resolution to that argument? Today we’ll offer you some ways to find a win-win, and possibly avoid that argument altogether. Our guest, conflict resolution expert, Thomas Kosakowski, Ombudsperson from UCLA Health Sciences, shares how to deal with conflicts in the workplace. 
(Lifestyle Magazine.)

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  1. Awesome, congrats! Will keep an eye out for it. - Chris Vermillion

  2. Congratulations, Tom. What an opportunity to advance public awareness of the Ombuds role and contribution to the greater good.

    Dan Shenk

  3. Tom - thank for representing what we do - so thoughtfully and clearly. Nice to see you on the 'big screen'.

  4. Will you have an autograph booth set up in Seattle? Great job Tom!

  5. Great job Tom!! You have added so much to the profession over the years!


  6. And for the rest of us who only have a face for radio...:) Good job Tom.

  7. Thank you Tom for sharing with people the value of the organizational ombuds. Very nice segment and your final thoughts at the end of the segment reflect why most of us do what we do. Also, saddened to see that co-host Gayle Tucker, passed on a few days ago. Sympathies to her husband, Mike Tucker.
    Reese Ramos
    IOA Board President