July 07, 2016

Job Posting: Intelligence Community Civilian Joint Duty Program

The civilian personnel rotation program for U.S. intelligence employees is hiring its first Organizational Ombudsman. "A primary goal [of the position] is to establish the base infrastructure for an ombudsman within the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A). The ombudsman will be an independent, neutral, informal, and confidential resource that will help resolve individual and systemic issues affecting I&A." The full-time position will be located in Washington, DC. 

Applicants must have ADR and management experience (mediation and/or Ombuds education, training, and certification are preferred); and a bachelor's degree and five years of Federal-sector experience (or an equivalent combination totaling at least nine years). The position requires a "top secret" clearance. The pay grade is GG/GS-14. Up to 25% travel may be required. Applications are due July 9, 2016. (IC Joint Duty Posting.)

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