July 19, 2016

Ombuds at University of North Dakota Posts First Report

Henok Elias, who became UND's first full-time Ombuds in November 2015, has posted a report the work of his office in the first five months of 2016.  The report offers Elias's personal view of the campus climate and his role as the Ombuds.

In addition to some data about office usage, Elias provides the initial results of a visitor survey.  He also makes some recommendations about the Ombuds office and how it can continue to work with the campus.  (UND Ombuds 2016 Midyear News.)

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  1. I'm ambivalent. The report certainly breaks the mold and definitely reveals a personal voice. Most ombuds seem to adopt a more neutral, detached tone (if they do write a report). I hope this hits the mark at UND.
    -The Angry Ombuds

    1. Given the rocky history between the former ombuds and the administration, perhaps a personal and informal tone is a subtle way to go.

  2. We all have to "ombuds where we are" and also to "ombuds for who we are."

  3. Well said Tom. Ombudsing, like many if not all aspects of life, is best done contextually. All data presentations have narratives. I like to show my hand because I think it reveals a human touch that the 3rd person voice lacks.