January 04, 2018

Job Posting: Saint Louis University School of Medicine

The private medical school in Missouri is hiring a Director of Professional Oversight, a position which is essentially that of an Ombuds. According to the job posting, the "Director of Professional Oversight is responsible for neutral and impartial gathering and distribution of information resulting from potential unprofessional behavior between colleagues and for providing confidential and informal assistance to constituents of the SLUSOM community, including students, residents, and faculty." 

The new, full-time position has been created as part of a remediation plan with the accrediting body that put the medical school on probation early last year. The posting references the codes and standards of practice from the long-defunct TOA and COA (IOA's predecessor organizations). Applicants should have a master’s or other advanced degree (MSW, LCSW, or other similar degree preferred), and an understanding of the academic and/or medical environment and diverse cultures and backgrounds. The salary range for the pay grade is $79,670 to $131,480. (SLUSOM Job Posting; STL Today; SLU Salaries.)

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