January 31, 2018

Yale Grad Students Renew Call for Ombuds

Yale University’s Graduate Student Assembly is reviving efforts to create a university-wide Ombuds office. The school is the only Ivy without an Ombuds program for all stakeholders. Currently, Yale has only an Ombuds for the School of Medicine: Merle Waxman.

GSA Chair Wendy Xiao is leading an effort to gather information and present a case to administrators. “There are a lot of legal and ethical issues that have to be worked out with establishing an ombuds office because it is confidential, but I think the ethics are in favor of establishing one,” Xiao said. “I think it will create a better environment overall, not just in terms of sexual climate, but in terms of overall atmosphere and general wellness.” An article on the matter quotes two Ombuds, Lynn Hollen Lees at the University of Pennsylvania, and Ruthy Rosenberg at Brown University. (Yale Daily News.) 

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