January 29, 2018

Job Posting: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

UNC's has opened a search for its next University Ombuds. The search will replace Wayne Blair, who established the program in 2005.  The position reports to the university chancellor and directs an office that serves over 40,000 students, staff, faculty, and administrators following IOA standards and practices.

Applicants must have, "experience as an ombuds or in a related profession with and understanding of and experience in conflict resolution. An advanced degree is required. At least five years of experience is strongly preferred as is relevant administrative experience." Laurie Mesibov, Associate University Ombuds, and Victoria Dowd, Assistant University Ombuds and Program Specialist, comprise the rest of the office. (Careers at Carolina.)

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  1. Please look for a new posting from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with correct dates for the application deadline and preferred start date for this position. The new dates are designed to give all interested ombuds a fair opportunity to be considered for the job. Victoria Dowd and I look forward to working with a new ombuds. Carolina is a great place.

    1. Note: Initial posting indicated applications are due by 2/8/18 and proposed start date is 3/1/18. I will repost this item when new details are available.

  2. It's up - new deadline 2/28 and new proposed start date 6/4. Much more manageable, and incredibly generous for these kinds of positions. Kudos to Laurie and Victoria (and Wayne?) for this. Get ready for some applications!