February 21, 2019

Job Posting: Global Green Growth Institute

The international organization headquartered in Seoul is looking for an Ombudsperson. In addition to providing Ombuds services, the position will also support the GGGI Global Respectful Workplace Advisors program and provide internal training/coaching. Camilo Azcarate was announced as the first GGGI Ombuds in July 2018 but it is not clear whether this search will replace or supplement him.

The part-time consultancy is expected to require 80 work days through the end of 2020, payable at a daily rate of $250. Applicants must have at least five years of conflict resolution experience and excellent English skills.  CO-OP accreditation and working knowledge of other languages, particularly French, Spanish and Korean would be an asset. Bids are due by February 28, 2019. (GGGI Careers.)

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  1. GGGI is a small international organization (under 500 staff) based in Seould, with staff spread around the world. The design of GGGI´s Ombuds and Mediation services, as well as their RWA program were completed in January. I will be joining a new Ombuds office at an international organization.