February 28, 2019

Syracuse University's New Ombuds Introduces Himself

Neal Powless, named the first University Ombuds for Syracuse in late January, was recently profiled by the campus newspaper, The Daily Orange. He said that he will draw upon his experience as lacrosse coach, administrator for indigenous students, and parent of a disabled son.  

Patience and listening are the most important traits to have as an ombuds and a parent, he said. Having a son with a disability has taught Powless to remain patient, calm and understanding, as well as how to incorporate inclusive thinking into his work.
Coaching prepared him to help people of different backgrounds and personalities work toward a common goal, Powless said. He has also worked with indigenous healers to understand how human emotion is connected to behavior.
“Everyone who walks in this door has just as an important voice as everyone else that walks in the door,” Powless said. “It doesn’t matter what their title is. I’m going to give them my ear and my full attention.”

Powless also said that he will be creating a program that follows IOA standards, but will also be “uniquely Syracuse.” (Daily Orange.)

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