July 31, 2019

Cummings Reveals Inspiration for Ombuds TV Show

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Whitney Cummings explained the inspiration for her new Amazon series, "Good People" The show is co-produced and co-written by Lee Daniels. Lisa Kudrow will also star and be a co-executive produce. According to IMDB, the show is now in post-production.

On her new Amazon pilot ‘Good People’ set on a college campus
“Whenever I was doing college tours—and I’m not complaining that we’re being silenced or whatever—but when you go to a college now, they’re like, can you not talk about sports, can you not talk about drinking, can you not talk about sex, can you not talk about race? They don’t want any incendiary jokes. And I would talk to the students, who would say, this trans boy wants to play football and they won’t let him or a white girl had dreadlocks and there was a big fight about it, all this stuff. And I’m like, who is the poor bastard who has to deal with all this shit? And I found out it was something called the ombudsman’s office. They’re like HR, but they deal with student complaints about inappropriate behavior, someone wearing a MAGA shirt, someone wearing an Obama shirt, there’s someone who has to deal with that stuff. When do you let the inmates run the asylum and when do you step in? So Lisa Kudrow [plays] the ombudsman and has to deal with all of these complaints.”
(The Daily Beast; IMDB.)

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  1. Maybe we invite Lisa Kudrow and Whitney Cummings to IOA2020 in Portland

  2. Barbara L Beatty8/07/2019 12:29 PM

    It sounds great, but I hope they work into the scripts the various kinds of ombuds--Executive/Classical/Organizational/Advocate, Federal/State etc. It would be a shame not to educate watchers to the full gamut of ombuds. While humorous, I hope they don't make a mockery of the profession. We work very hard on an impossible task of helping people see the benefits of being more civil, expanding the communication strategies to handle conflict in productive ways. The number of people that actually WANT to grow and change, is small, but we keep at it! We are trying to spread the word for more companies and other organizations to add ombuds, and I don't know how well that will work if they make it more comedy than reality.If Lisa Kudrow and Whitney Cummings come to IOA Conference, I think we can expand her view.

  3. Great idea to invite them Mark P., this could be the making of a great panel discussion. Yes, Barbara L Beatty, if we have the chance to educate them more then they can help spread the word out there!