July 09, 2019

Portland Public Schools Eliminates Ombuds Office

Judi Martin, CO-OP, has served as the Organizational Ombuds for the large, urban school district in Oregon since September 2014. Last week, the district announced it was "phasing out the Ombudsman position" after a year-long evaluation. According to a statement, "PPS ... will continue to serve as a resource, provide information about district policies and procedures, and, when appropriate, conduct informal interventions and mediations."

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1 comment:

  1. What an incredibly huge loss. Working in K-12 is a really unique setting, and there are very few of us out there. My role was developed because our district recognized the value of the Conflict Resolution field and what it could potentially do to serve stakeholders. I hope something great is on the horizon for Judi and the scholars of PDX will still be served without that role.

    Emily Heizer