July 17, 2019

IOA Releases Video to Promote Ombuds Profession

Yesterday, the International Ombudsman Association released a video that explains and promotes the work of professional Ombuds. The two-minute video is posted on YouTube and IOA hopes that Ombuds will repost it with external audiences. The video is an update of an earlier version that was part of IOA's "Modern Ombuds Toolkit" -- a collection of resources for Ombuds to help with outreach to clients, prospects, colleagues, and stakeholders.

Here's the full text of IOA's announcement:
A New Way to Tell Our Story
IOA  began a long-term effort to tell the story of the ombuds profession in a new and exciting way. During the 2019 Annual Conference in New Orleans, we rolled-out our initiative with a trial video and the release of a new IOA member resource, the Ombuds Communications Toolkit.
Following the conference, we solicited feedback from IOA supporters about how to improve these tools and asked what you needed to more effectively communicate with your stakeholders. The result, in part, is a new video, produced to explain our profession to external audiences and inspire more people to explore how an ombuds can help their organization reach its full potential.
Credit for the video goes to IOA's Public Relations Strategy Task Force. (YouTube; IOA Learn About the Ombuds Profession, Ombuds Toolkit.)

Most Ombuds don't have the skills or budget to produce a slick and effective video. With IOA's advance permission, it now seems that there is a video that will find its way into many Ombuds websites. This is the kind of support that many Ombuds have been seeking from IOA for years. Kudos to the task force members (which are not identified by name on the IOA website), the board, and IOA's new management company (SBI Association Management).

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