July 30, 2019

Chronicle of Higher Ed Profiles Campus Ombuds

An article in today's Chronicle of Higher Education surveys the work of University Ombuds. "Meet Your Campus Troubleshooter" focuses on faculty members who become Ombuds, but it also considers the field more broadly. The reporter quotes several Ombuds, including:
Victoria Turgeon at Furman University, Roy Baroff at North Carolina State University, Tom A. Kosakowski at the University of Southern California, Nancy E. Day at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, Jean Civikly-Powell at the University of New Mexico, and John Barker at the University of Rochester.

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  1. Article is behind a paywall. Chances are the interviewees can share a pdf.

  2. Wonderful article that also talks a bit about the 'elusive impact' we often have at institutions. -Reese