September 05, 2018

ENOHE and ACCUO Publish Report from 2018 Conference

A report summarizes the proceedings of 2018 joint conference of the European Network of Ombudsmen in Higher Education and Association of Canadian College and University Ombudspersons. The conference, "Resolving Conflicts on Campus:
Strategies for Enhanced Policies and Effective Operations," was held on June 6-8, 2018 at the University of Edinburgh. 

Contents include: 

  • Putting ourselves on the map - plenary facilitated by Jenna Brown and Wolf Hertlein
  • Building a community of practice: the work of the Scottish Higher Education Complaints Forum | Karen Stulka, Keith Mackle and Clare Barnes
  • Four readers, two countries, one book: an international experiment in professional engagement for ombudsmen in higher education | Jenna Brown, Wolf Hertlein, Stefanie Spöth and Jim Wohl
  • Establishment of ombudsperson offices at Georgian HEIs  | David Gegetchkori and Tamta Demetra
  • Conflict management through coaching and connection in the graduate community | Heather McGhee Peggs
  • Handling grievances concerning pure academic matters | Daniel More
  • How to start an ombuds office | Wolf Hertlein and Hugues Dreysse
  • General Data Protection Regulation: Chance or roadblock? | Anna-Katharina Rothwangl and Michael Gruber
  • Exploited by a global neoliberal education market? | Marc Johnson and Natalie Sharpe
  • PhD students and ombudspersons: How do ombuds contribute to civil, fair and productive PhD trajectories? | Jenna Brown, Nora Farrell, Ursula Meiser, Paul Herfs
  • Getting out of the box | Michel Villiard
  • Resolving conflicts and complaints about postgraduate supervision | Patty Kamvounias
  • The university ombuds in the wake of a societal call-to-action against campus sexual violence: a perspective from two Canadian provinces | Natalie Sharpe and Carolyn Brendon
  • How is your situation compared to the situations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark? | Sindre Rødne Dueland, Juval Pruitt and Bo Gad Køhlert
  • Translating the ombudsman recommendations into institution-wide practices – examples from the Ombudsman of the University of Warsaw | Anna Cybulko
  • Systems and simple rules | Jan Morse
  • Sexual harassment and abuse – a topic for the ombudsman? | Wolf Hertlein
  • Investigating complaints matters and reporting outcomes: a critical reflection | Barrie O’Connor
  • Keeping the complaint on track: ensuring fairness and efficiency in the face of challenging behavior |Felicity Mitchell and Alison Walker
  • You learn more from mistakes than from successes! | Lies Poesiat and Stephan Querido
  • The impact of complaints on public service employees | Rosemary Agnew
  • Values of the ‘millennial’ youth generation: what are the implications for conflict resolution in higher education? | Doris Kiendl
  • Dealing with ‘the powers that be’ (Romans 13:1): a case study | Josef Leidenfrost
  • The ombudsman without an office | Sindre Dueland
  • Ombudsman in an era of social movements: providing assistance when policies are not necessarily violated | Jim Wohl
  • Plenary debate – Developing the Ombuds Learning Community | Rob Behrens
  • Words of appreciation by Dame Suzi Leather for Rob Behrens
  • “LAUDATIO” by Josef Leidenfrost for Robert Behrens

(ENOHE Programme.)

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