April 29, 2021

IOA Webinar on Demonstrating Value

The International Ombudsman Association has been offering monthly skills programs for practicing Ombuds. This month, the webinar focuses on how Ombuds can demonstrate value to their organization. As usual, the session is free for IOA members. 

Here's the full description:

Here is the full announcement:

Why Ombuds? Eight Great Ways to Demonstrate Value
13 May 2021 | 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM (Pacific)

IOA Members: Free | Non-Members: $195
About the Webinar:

Description: It is no secret organizational ombuds face challenges demonstrating value, especially when constituents and stakeholders are geographically disbursed. This presentation aims to illuminate how organizational ombuds programs can articulate and demonstrate their value to visitors, key stakeholders, and other internal and external audiences. While we may work in different sectors, we have identified eight ways ombuds can be visible and impactful.

Learning Objectives:
  • How to articulate value proposition
  • How to demonstrate that ombuds goals align with the organization's core values and mission
  • How to maintain continuous collaboration with key stakeholders (whether in person or virtually) 


Sana Manjeshwar [Chevron Global Principal Ombuds Manager]

Jacqueline Villafane [CO-OP, American Red Cross Corporate Ombudsman]

Elizabeth Hill [Associate Director, Ombuds Office, University of Colorado Boulder]

Paul Sotoudeh [U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Chief Ombudsman]

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