April 07, 2021

U.S. Ombudsman Association Seeks DEI Consultant

The United States Ombudsman Association (the professional association for governmental and other classical Ombuds) has issued a request for proposals from experienced diversity, equity, and inclusion consultants. The selected consultant will help the organization's leaders and staff develop a strategic plan. USOA has a budget of up to $10,000 and proposals are due April 30, 2021. The move echoes a similar decision by IOA last month.

Here is the full announcement:

From the Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

In January 2021, the USOA created a subcommittee on DEI to establish and implement policies that create a supportive and inclusive culture for its members and to support members in their work with the diverse communities that USOA members serve. The USOA is seeking proposals from consultants experienced in DEI organizational assessments and facilitation of a strategic planning process for staff, board members and chapter leadership. The ideal consultant/firm will have experience working with leaders with differing levels of knowledge and experience with these topics. We seek a partner who can provide knowledge and education on DEI, expert facilitation techniques, and the flexibility to make sure program goals are met. 

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