April 22, 2021

The Future of Workplace Dispute Resolution and the Role of Ombuds

Earlier this year, the Labor and Employment Relations Association on hosted three webinars on the future of workplace dispute resolution. The third session, "Future of Ombuds," focused on the role of Ombuds and it is now available on YouTube. 

The panelists were: Angela Dash, Founder and President of the Pace Institute and Ombuds for Northeast Ohio Medical University; Chuck Howard, Executive Director of IOA; and Arthur Pearlstein, Director of Arbitration Services, Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service. The event was moderated by Sarah (Miller) Espinosa, Ombudsman for Prince William County Public Schools. (YouTube; LERA.)


  1. I regret that I missed this session. April 15th was my 76th birthday and I was too consumed which Dairy Queen Blizzard to get to celebrate and forgot to register for it ahead of time. Is their anyway to get the link and the transcripts? Just for this ombuds session. Thank you. Email should show as neilkatz44@gmail.com

    1. The link is in parentheses at the end of the post https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKO4Tk-6v-E. I don't know about a transcript.