March 22, 2023

Job Posting: Arrow Security & Training LLC

AST, a small business that provides military training, security, and linguistic services to government and private sector clients is hiring its first Ombuds. The AST Linguist Ombudsman will "provide linguists a channel to voice issues, problems, and complaints without fear of repercussions." The full-time position will help facilitate informal resolution processes for employees throughout the continental U.S. and help surface issues and opportunities for systemic change. The position will be based in August, GA. 

Applicants must have a related Bachelor’s degree and at least five years of government contracting experience, preferably in DoD. In addition, applicants should have: "Demonstrated experience working in DoD contracting with a basic understanding of the FAR"; "Demonstrated experience managing and reporting complex metrics"; and "Demonstrated ability to coordinate resources across multiple business units that are geographically dispersed." No salary or application deadline provided. (AST Posting.)

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