March 17, 2023

ENOHE Announces 2023 Conference Program and Pre-Conference Training

The European Network of Ombuds in Higher Education has unveiled its full conference website and program for this year's conference, hosted by Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. Immediately preceding the conference, ENOHE is offering a new Training Activity Programme. Registration for both events is now open.

Training Activity Programme
Monday 12 June and Tuesday 13 June 2023, 9.00 – 18.00

The Training Activity Programme will take up to 40 participants through exploring where they fit in the ombudsperson ‘landscape’; what skills and knowledge they should bring to the role; and what policies and procedures they already have or need to develop.

Cost for ENOHE members (including training materials, refreshments and lunch) €160
Cost for non-members (including training materials, refreshments and lunch) €190
Conference: From Amsterdam 2003 to Prague 2023
Higher Education Ombuds Offices: Reviewing! Reforming! (Re)starting?
Wednesday 14 June, Thursday 15 June and Friday 16 June

The 2023 ENOHE conference will include a mix of plenary sessions and working sessions in a variety of formats and a considerable social programme. There will also be keynote speeches on relevant topics in the world of higher education.

Wednesday, 14 June 2023

Welcome to Prague
Speakers: Josef Leidenfrost, Jean Grier, Michaela Antonin Malanikova, Jaroslav Šotola
First Plenary
Prof. JUDr. Vladimír Balaš, CSc, Minister for Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic; Prof. MUDr. Milena Králíčková, Ph.D., Rector of Charles University Prague
Concurrent Sessions
  • 1: Student relations 1
1a: Cooperation between Student Ombudsperson and Student Representatives: what model?; Speakers: Jorge A. Ribeiro Pereira, Anna-Katharina Rothwangl
1b: Balance power structure at meetings with management by inviting student politicians; Speaker: Bo Gad Køhlert
  • 2: Empowerment
2a: Integrating fairness into everyday ways of thinking; Speaker: Martine Conway
2b: Taking a Step Back Into Action: How to Foster Student Agency in Higher Education Through Self-Advocacy and Empowerment; Speaker: Navneet Chand
Lunch and networking

Concurrent Sessions
  • 3: Student relations 2
3a: Actual actions to improve relationship with student representatives at the Carlos III University of Madrid; Speaker: Emilio Olías Ruiz
3b: Building mutual trust: ombuds cooperation with the students; Speaker: Jan Galkowski
  • 4: Internships
4a: Digital Internship Group: A Short Report on the Experiences to Date of an International Experiment; Speakers: Wolf Hertlein, Jorge A. Ribeiro Pereira, Gizem Güray, Rina Meyer
4b: Internship as a pathway to learn from each other and review our activity approach; Speakers: Jorge A. Ribeiro Pereira, Michaela Antonín Malaníková, Jaroslav Šotola, Gizem Güray
Coffee and networking

5: Workshop
Building a culture of early resolution of complaints; Speaker: Jean Grier
6: Wider world
  • 6a: "Cancel Culture", and what next? – A plea for an open culture of discussion at universities; Speaker: Wolf Hertlein
  • 6b: Ombudsperson and SDGs: what role and what for?; Speakers: Jorge A. Ribeiro Pereira, Cristina Ayoub Riche
7: ENOHE Initiatives
  • 7a: Intervision: Peer Case Consultation for and by ENOHE Members; Speakers: Wolf Hertlein, Bo Gad Køhlert, Marianne Høva Rustberggard
  • 7b: ENOHEpedia: A thesaurus for professionals for everyday and for the future; Speakers: Josef Leidenfrost, Jean Grier, Lies Poesiat, Jorge A. Ribeiro Pereira
8: To be confirmed

Organ concert (spouses welcome – must be pre-booked (no charge))

Thursday, 15 June 2023

Second Plenary
To be confirmed
Coffee and networking

Concurrent Sessions
  • 9: Starting out
9a: Charles University on Its Way to Ombudsing; Speaker: Kateřina Šámalová
9b: On the Edge of Tomorrow: The Difficulties and Opportunities of Ombuds No Man's Land; Speakers: Jaroslav Šotola
  • 10: Professionalising
10a: The Academic Ombudsman and defining the content of the rules of ethics - practical issues; Speakers: Olga Maria Piaskowska, Piotr Filip Piesiewicz
10b: The Art of Balancing Professionalism and Emotional Involvement; Speakers: Marianne Høva Rustberggard, Wolf Hertlein, Bo Gad Køhlert
Lunch and networking

Concurrent Sessions
  • 11: Evaluation 1
Some Thoughts about the (necessary) Evaluation of the Ombuds Profession: What we can/can’t/should/shan’t; Speakers: Josef Leidenfrost, Jean Grier, Natalie Sharpe, Guadalupe Barrena
  • 12: Systems and processes
12a: So you Zoomed the Ombud. What changed? – Revisiting Ombud services outcomes; Speaker: Franco Parrella
12b: Navigating hierarchy in Higher Education Institutions – the Ombuds perspective; Speakers: Ursula Meiser, Ryan Smith
Concurrent Sessions
  • 13: Workshop
Conflicts stress you? – Here you learn to deal with conflicts better!; Speaker: Wolf Hertlein
  • 14: Networking 1
14a: Ombuds work within a national network: how to relate with peers and with the governance; Speakers: Rosa Maria Vasconcelos, Berta Batista
14b: Re-framing international cooperation among university Ombudsperson offices; Speakers: Jorge A. Ribeiro Pereira, Guadalupe Barrena
ENOHE Elections and General Assembly

Gala Dinner (spouses welcome at additional cost – must be pre-booked)

Friday, 16 June 2023
Third Plenary
To Be Confirmed
Concurrent Sessions
  • 15: Cooperation and collaboration
15a: From Amsterdam to Prague: rethinking cooperation as an opportunity to reaching out; Speakers: Jorge A. Ribeiro Pereira, Josef Leidenfrost
15b: Four languages, three cities, two ombudsmen: Insights into how a Twinning Ombuds Team is working; Speakers: Brent Epperson, Josef Leidenfrost
  • 16: Networking 2
16a: From a one-person experiment to a universal ombuds network. Implementation of ombuds institutions in Polish higher education; Speakers: Anna Cybulko, Magdalena Miksa
16b: Networking as an Instrument for Improving Ombudsman Work - the Example of the Network of German Ombudsman Offices; Speakers: Helga Nolte
Lunch and networking

Concurrent Sessions
  • 17: Gender-based violence
17a: One-to-one teaching and supervising at universities (of the arts): Special challenges also for ombudspersons; Speakers: Anna-Katharina Rothwangl, Petr Polak, Andrea Mikotová, Jorge Pereira
17b: Prevention of gender-based violence in higher education as part of the ombuds practice; Speakers: Michaela Antonín Malaníková, Guadalupe Barrena, Marcela Linková, Urenda Qúeletzú, Navarro Sánchez
  • 18: Looking back/looking forward
18a: Higher education Ombuds offices in Spain and Portugal: a prospective study; Speakers: Mª Elena Gómez, Sara Sousa
18b: Fifty years of the ombuds office at the Université du Québec à Montréal to share; Speakers: Dominique Demers
Concurrent Sessions
  • 19: Handling conflict
19a: Difficult Conversations: A Framework to Strengthen Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills in our Communities; Speaker: Ryan Smith
19b: Complaints on Complaints: Higher Education Ombuds and the Issue of Reprisal; Speaker: Carolyn Brendon
  • 20: Evaluation 2
20a: The contribution of the ombudsperson to higher education institutions; Speaker: Daniel More
20b: The Value of the Ombuds' Narrative in Program Evaluations: Revisiting Larry B Hill's The Model Ombudsman (1977); Speaker: Natalie Sharpe
Plenary farewell

Guided walking tour of Prague city centre (spouses welcome – must be pre-booked (no charge))

The conference fee is €290 for ENOHE members, €340 for non-members. The conference fee includes conference materials, access to all conference rooms during all conference days, internet accessibility, lunch and refreshments, and social events. (ENOHE Conf Info.)

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