October 04, 2023

Ombuds at Virginia Commonwealth University Celebrates 10th Annual Conflict Resolution Day

For the past decade, VCU's Ombudsperson, William King, sponsors a National Conflict Resolution Day program. This year, his signature event on October 19, 2023, will feature a keynote by Donna Douglass-Williams, Senior Director of the Ombuds program at Pinterest. The theme for her address is "The Conflict Reframe: Maintaining Richness Inspiring Hope for Dialogue and Resolution." The day is rounded out with panel discussions on managing conflict in a range of situations, including Geetha Ravindra, former Ombuds for the IMF and Center for Global Development. As usual, the event is free and open to the public.
  • Opening Remarks by William E. King, University Ombuds
  • Comments by Dr. Mangala Subramaniam, Senior VP for Faculty Affairs
  • VCU Proclamation Presentation with Dr. Fotis Sotiropoulos, Provost and Senior VP for Faculty Affairs
  • Panel: "Promoting Viable Strategies to Mitigate Conflict Situations" (facilitated by William King)
  • Keynote Speaker, Donna Douglass-Williams, Head of Ombuds Services at Pinterest
  • Interactive Panel Discussion: "Challenging Times, Difficult Decisions, and Viable Options for Resolutions" (facilitated by Geetha Ravindra, VP of Ombuds Services, The McCammon Group)


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    1. Most people don't know this blog is actually a long-running spot-the-typo game.