June 17, 2021

College of Charleston Eliminates Ombuds' Collateral Duties

CofC has removed the collateral duties from its current Ombuds. Evie Nadel has been the Ombudsperson for for the past three years while continuing her work as the Senior Director of Community Relations. In an announcement yesterday, the College President said that Nadel would continue as a member of his office and work solely as an Ombuds:

Now, as a full-time ombudsperson, Evie will continue to support the members of the campus community by providing a confidential and safe space to discuss any interpersonal conflicts or issues that an employee may be facing in the workplace. The ombudsperson works to provide options that may help empower employees and/or assist them in finding solutions. Per best practices, the ombudsperson is independent, impartial, neutral and informal (“informal” here means that the ombudsperson’s work falls outside of the Office of Human Relations’ state- and federal-mandated processes and protocols).

The ombudsperson role supports our faculty, staff and students in myriad ways, and this realignment of duties and responsibilities will ensure that we are properly resourcing our campus when it comes to employees and student needs, as outlined in our strategic plan.

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