May 21, 2010

Complaint of USA Swimming Officials to be Heard by Olympic Ombuds

The complaint of two veteran swimming officials, who have alleged retaliation by their sport's governing body, will go first to the U.S. Olympic Committee's Ombudsman. 

Longtime swimming officials, Ken Stopkotte and Michael Saltzstein, allege that USA Swimming has retaliated against them for their public criticism of the organization's failure to prevent sexual abuse by certified swim coaches. According to the complaint filed with the USOC, Saltzstein and Stopkotte they have been denied a hearing with USA Swimming and they are therefore appealing to the USOC. Under USOC rules, the Athlete Ombudsman, John Ruger will attempt to resolve the matter. If that is unsuccessful, the case will then go to an arbitrator or panel of arbitrators of the American Arbitration Association for a binding decision. (NY Times.)

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