May 05, 2010

Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics Sets Program on Organizational Ombuds

The nonprofit membership association for organizational ethics and compliance officers, will offer a program on June 3, 2010: "Extending the Reach of Your Compliance Program: How an Organizational Ombudsman Can Be A valuable Supplement to Compliance."

The online event will be hosted by Charles Howard, Partner at Shipman & Goodwin LLP, and Paul Robert, Associate General Counsel & Director for Contracts and Compliance at United Technologies Corp. SCCE serves 16,000 members and a certification program in compliance and ethics. (SCCE Web Conference Info.)

At the IOA conference in April, Howard exhorted the association to market itself more aggressively so as much a part of the organizational landscape as compliance officers. Apparently, he's putting his own advice into action.

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  1. Given limited resources, should an organization combine the roles of a compliance and ethics officer with that of an ombudsman

  2. The Standards of Practice promulgated by IOA make it clear that Organizational Ombuds should not have duties that conflict with confidentiality, neutrality, informality, and independence. My understanding is that Compliance Officers are part of the formal reporting structure. It would seem that these two jobs are therefore irreconcilable. Even though they deal with many of the same types of issues, the approach is markedly different. I would urge organizations to keep these offices separate.