May 27, 2010

Five Long Days With a Hospital Ombuds

The latest Werner Institute Newsletter offers a glimpse into the life of an Ombuds working at a major medical center. Creighton University grad student Mike Miller spent five days shadowing Laurie Patterson, the Ombuds for Akron General Hospital.

Miller, who has hospital experience himself, describes a grueling schedule. "I quickly discovered that the Akron General Hospital Ombuds runs a half-marathon every day, going from meeting to meeting and having employees stop by her office with little to no warning."  He points out that Patterson is unique among hospital Ombuds in that she does not handle patient matters. Instead, her "sole responsibility to focus her efforts on conflict engagement of all staff members – from housekeeping and maintenance staff to vice presidents and surgeons." He was justifiably awestruck by Patterson's work. (Werner Institute Win/Win.)

1 comment:

  1. Great press for Laurie who is indeed an asset to her organization and the ombuds community.

    Too bad Mr. Miller was in correct about his assertion of her unique status of only dealing with employee concerns. There are in fact others and it would be good if we could promote that.

    John Zinsser