May 07, 2010

University of Victoria Ombuds Posts 2009 Annual Report

Martine Conway, Ombuds for the University of Victoria in British Columbia, reports that her office handled 412 matters last year. Conway said that while the overall number of contacts with the office was similar to previous years, she saw an increase in situations requiring extensive guidance or intervention because they presented multiple challenges (for example: chronic illness, personal or financial difficulties and cultural differences exacerbating communication or procedural breakdowns).

In addition to her work on campus in 2009, Conway also served as president of the Association of Canadian College and University Ombudspersons (ACCUO), sat on the steering committee for the North West Ombuds Group, helped organize the joint ACCUO/FCO/IOA conference in Montreal, presented during a two-day workshop on Conducting Internal Investigations organized by the Canadian Institute in Vancouver, and spoke on Comparative Approaches to Ombudsman Work during the anniversary celebration of the British Columbia Ombudsman office. (UVic Ombuds 2009 Annual Report.)

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