May 13, 2010

Friday Poll: Do You Publish an Annual Report?

Some, but not all Ombuds publish annual reports. Do you? If so, what gets included?


  1. Thanks for the feedback, Susan. It's been difficult to come up with topics, so I'm happy to repeat this one. Let me know if you have other suggestions for reader polls.

  2. Poll results:
    I publish annually 26 (81%)
    I report less often 5 (15%)
    I do not report publicly 7 (21%)
    I show total cases 31 (96%)
    I show visitor demographics 20 (62%)
    I show case types/issues 31 (96%)
    I show case outcomes 12 (37%)
    I make recommendations 22 (68%)
    I provide staff profiles 4 (12%)
    I describe prof. activities 20 (62%)

    Total votes: 32

  3. Tom,

    Can you direct me to the 12.37% organizations that report case outcomes and save me the time of going though all of them? If yes, reply to:

  4. Sorry, Anonymous. Respondents did not self-identify in this poll.