May 20, 2010

International Association for Conflict Management Convenes in Boston Next Month

IACM will hold its 23rd annual conference at the Boston Marriott Cambridge Kendall Square on June 24-27. The association of scholars and practitioners will offer a number of presentations of research papers that would be interesting for Organizational Ombuds, including:

  • Emotional Influences on Negotiation Processes
  • The Diversity in Your Head: Implications for Intergroup Conflict and Inclusiveness
  • Group and Intergroup Influences on Conflict Processes
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Relationships and Organizations
  • Dealing with Power: How Mediators Cope with Power Differences
  • Building and Repairing Relationships: Trust and Reconciliation
  • Interpersonal Conflicts and Cooperation in Work Settings
The conference is preceded by a negotiation teaching workshop.  Priority registration closes May 24. (IACM Conf. Info.)

Despite the obvious intersection with Ombuds work, there seems to be little overlap between IOA and IACM. Few people seem to be members of both organizations and there are no cross-presentations at conferences.

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