May 10, 2010

Ombuds for Tyco Electronics Serves Internal and External Stakeholders

The global electronics supplier, which separated from Tyco International in 2007, has unveiled a website for its Ombudsman Office.  According to the webpage which went live this week, the office handles "concerns from external constituencies - investors, suppliers and customers - as well as Tyco Electronics employees."  The Ombuds program is confidential, neutral and independent, reporting directly to the Audit Committee of the Tyco Electronics' Board of Directors. The Ombuds Office offers telephone numbers in the U.S., France, Belgium and China. (Tyco Electronics Ombuds.)

In an interview last week, Richard Suminski, deputy general counsel and chief ethics and compliance Officer of Tyco Electronics, says that the company emphasizes a mindset of timely reporting. "If someone cannot resolve an issue with local management or there is a need to report something up, we very much push for and request employees to be sure that when they don’t understand something, or something doesn’t seem right, to report the concern to the Ombudsman’s Office." (Compliance Week.)

Tyco Electronics does not identify its Ombuds staff. However, Phillip Sinopoli appears to be an Associate Ombuds in the Philadelphia office. (LinkedIn.)

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