May 18, 2010

Mindmap of Mediation Models

Bill Warters, Wayne State University Professor and publisher of the Campus-adr Blog, has developed a mindmap depicting the different models of mediation being used on college campuses. Inasmuch as Ombuds (in all areas, not just higher education) often work with a variety of mediation models, the online tool is a useful summary.

Warters developed the tool in preparation for his chapter in the recently released book, Reframing Campus Conflict. The interactive mindmap include details of five mediation models:
  • Social Justice Mediation;
  • Insight Mediation;
  • Problem solving/Interest Based;
  • Transformative Mediation; and
  • Narrative Mediation.
Users can click on "node" in the mindmap to expand or contract branches for more information. (Campus-adr Blog.)

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