January 09, 2011

AOMA Publishes First Electronic Newsletter

The African Ombudsman and Mediators Association has initiated a biannual newsletter. The official AOMA publication is intended to facilitate regular communication within the organization and to keep members abreast of relevant developments.

The first edition included:
  • A story on Malawi's first female Ombudsman, Justice Ambassador Tijulane Chizumila;
  • Details of an AOMA research center being established at the University of Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa;
  • An announcement of the election of AOMA's new Executive Committee;
  • A message from the president of AOMA, Dr. Paolo Tjipilica;
  • A story on AOMA delegations visiting the Public Protector in South Africa;
  • An update on the suspension of Nigeria's mediator;
  • A report on the latest AOMA Executive Committee meeting;
  • A story on the Ethiopian Ombudsman adopting a new five-year strategic plan; and
  • An interview with Adv Soleman M. Hatteea, the Ombudsman in Mauritius.

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