January 12, 2011

California Pharmacists Association Creates Statewide Ombuds Program

CPhA has announced the creation of Ombuds program for employee pharmacists throughout the state. The CPhA Ombuds Employee Pharmacist Resource Program will provide serve as a resource for workplace issues such as lack of breaks, prescription quotas, or pressures to avoid counseling. CPhA CEO Jon Roth explained, “CPhA has struggled for years to create value for these pharmacists. This program will help them be better practitioners and create a value proposition that would encourage them to join CPhA.”

Mike Negrete, CEO, Pharmacy Foundation of California supports the new program. “Employee pharmacists need a neutral, trusted place to deal with their concerns about workplace and safety issues,” he said “Employers can also use a neutral, professional stakeholder to deal with issues proactively before they bubble into public problems that get taken to the Board of Pharmacy and into the media spotlight.” 

CPhA has allocated $50,000 for a one-year pilot project and has already hired a long-time pharmacist and mediator (who has not yet been identified) to serve in the part-time position. Additional details of the CPhA Ombuds Employee Pharmacist Resource Program will be unveiled on February 12 at its annual meeting in Palm Springs. (Drug Topics; CPhA Conf. Info.)

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  1. Maybe the new ombudsman will be introduced in Palm Springs.